Our Mission

At Project:Camp, our mission is to use our decades of expertise in all aspects of camp management to allow camp professionals to focus on what they do best: creating amazing experiences for people of all ages. We are life-long camp professionals motivated to help camps of all kinds maximize their positive impact through effective planning, programming, and operations.


Rapid Response Camp Network - Community Resilience Training Program

When the SoCal Fires caused the evacuation of nearly 80% of our congregants and huge portions of the Jewish population of eight other synagogues and one day school, it became clear that we needed to create a pop up Kids Camp and Adult Hang Out for the evacuees. As quickly, we realized that sustaining it was beyond our capacity and skills. That’s when we turn to Project:Camp. From the moment they arrived, they took charge. Assessing what we have done, evaluating our needs going forward, creating an infrastructure to sustain us as long as we needed. When they departed, they set us up to be self-sustaining and successful.  When Project:Camp arrived, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. They are consummate professionals, with time tested insights into contemporary challenges. Let them be your heroes too. 

Rabbi Paul Kipnes & Rabbi Julia Weisz, Congregation Or Ami, Calabasas, CA



We are here for you during the three “oh crap!” moments of camp:

It’s April and you JUST aren’t going to get everything done in time.

It’s July and Norovirus is sucking all of your time away but you still need to manage the rest of camp.

It’s September and we really need this new idea to come together, but we just don’t have the bandwidth to get it done.


Meet the team

With decades of experience in all different types of camps, we are a network of professionals with unique skills to meet your needs.


Rapid Response Camp Network

Harnessing the transformative, healing, therapeutic power of camp to foster community resiliency in the face of disaster. We use summer camp principles as a vehicle to strengthen communities and mitigate trauma.