Our small team will help you get things done while lowering your operating costs

We are here for you during the three “oh crap!” moments of camp:

  • It’s April and you JUST aren’t going to get everything done in time.

  • It’s July and Norovirus is sucking all of your time away but you still need to manage the rest of camp.

  • It’s September and we really need this new idea to come together, but we just don’t have the bandwidth to get it done.

Interim Assistant Director

Assistant Directors are the backbone of the operation of any summer camp. They take ideas from brainstorm to implementation and are the boots on the ground that understand what is happening at camp. Their portfolios don’t disappear when they move on to new opportunities; that work needs to get done. With experience as Assistant Directors and camp professionals at a variety of camps, let us take on that portfolio while you find your next star AD.

  • Coordinate logistics for the summer program (busses, permits, procurement, etc.)

  • Manage databases, outreach, and camper information

  • Process staff hiring and conduct interviews

  • Build staff and leadership trainings

Staff Recruitment

Having hired and retained over 2000 staff members for a wide variety of camp positions, we know what attracts staff and makes them stay: a clear path to advancement, opportunities to learn, and decent wages. Camp is a valuable space for young adults to gain professional skills, and we help you develop programs to ensure that your staff is learning, advancing, and returning year after year.  

  • Increasing staff retention

  • On-boarding professional staff       

  • Creating professional development modules for summer staff  

  • Training new assistant directors to interview staff  

  • Writing engaging staff manuals   

  • Collecting and evaluating data mid-summer

  • Training administrative staff on hiring, firing, and management best practices


Sometimes year-round staff just doesn’t have enough bandwidth to get new initiatives done well while still running the day-to-day operations. Let us give you the peace of mind needed to get from A to Z on a big project by helping coordinate all the pieces, permits, schedules, and building blocks. We can help provide structure and accountability, so you can do what you do best: focus on improving your camp.

  • Organizing capital improvement processes

  • Managing  new marketing and recruitment efforts

  • Evaluating and improving CIT programs

  • Building an aspirational framework to bring campers back year after year

  • Streamlining hiring and human resources processes                                                                                       


The safety and security of campers and staff is critical. We have experience designing and implementing risk management procedures including safety trainings and drills, hiring and managing full-time security personnel, and working with local fire and law enforcement. Certified Wilderness First Responders on our staff have experience dealing with medical emergencies and communicating about them with parents. We can help build tools, procedures and trainings to give you, your staff and your community the reassurance that you are prepared to handle the unexpected.

  • Auditing safety and security procedures

  • Teaching and implementing  best practices

  • Training professional and seasonal staff

  • Preparing insurance  for unexpected disasters

  • Appraising ACCT-compliant ropes course systems (Cal/OSHA-compliant)                                                                                              


Using our vast network, we can bring together the most experienced professionals to help you prepare for unforeseen challenges (like your camp burning down). Our experience helping to rebuild URJ Camp Newman after the Tubbs Fire in 2017 has taught us how to put together something great when your original plan goes sideways. Did your site or location change at the last minute? Are you suddenly short on staff? Are logistics becoming overwhelming? Are you not hitting your registration numbers? We’re here to help!

  • Rebuilding camps after disasters

  • Running pop-up day camps for evacuees

  • Adjusting events/off-sites last-minute

  • Training administrators and staff on PR and media best practices in the event of an emergency                                                                                              


We believe that summer camp is a place for everyone. We know how to ensure that every camper and staff member is successful, happy and safe at camp and we want to help you do exactly that. Inclusion is training, values, systems and knowledge. When you know what a camper needs at camp year after year, you are building a system of success within your camp community. We will work with your community to build organization systems, train staff and campers, create safe spaces, and heighten your understanding of inclusion in a camp space.

  • Ensuring camp programs are accessible for all (and what to do if they aren’t)

  • Training staff to work with campers with special needs  

  • Creating sensory spaces, visual schedules, social stories, and action plans

  • Parent/ guardian communication and tracking those conversations

  • Working with mental health professionals in a camp space                                                                                                                                           


Need or want something new for your camp community? We’re here for you. Through our years of experience, our staff has organized and executed dozens of overnight and offsite trips, ranging from content-rich city visits, to trips to amusement parks and baseball games, to multi-day outdoor adventures. We can help you build meaningful excursions and provide the knowledge, systems, and day-of support you need to provide unforgettable experiences for your campers.

  • Evaluating and auditing programs

  • Planning and managing outdoor trips

  • Tickets, transportation, and permits